Sweet Side of Life

Desserts are what we do best!  And we’ve got LOTS to choose from!

Top Shelf – $6.60

Trois Chocolat – A creamy trifecta of equal layers of dark, milk and white chocolate mousse on flourless chocolate fudge, it’s another crowd favorite for sure and is gluten-friendly as well!

Choco-Nut Praline – A milk chocolate & peanut butter mousse with peanut praline, almond daquoise, chocolate torte and chocolate glacage! Gluten friendly!

Yuzu Passion – A decadent Bavarian cream cheese mouse, yuzu lemon gel and passion fruit curd on toasted coconut and almond dacquoise. Gluten friendly!

Opera Torte Dark Chocolate Crémeux and Almond Dacquoise, topped with a White Mocha Whipped Ganache, coated in a Dark Chocolate Hazelnut Shell. Gluten friendly of course!

Noisette D’Or – A decadent dark chocolate hazelnut mousse, thick caramel, chocolate cake, toasted hazelnuts, caramel glacage and hazelnut crunchies!

The Classics – $5.91

Lemon tart – Tart and sweet lemon curd made with fresh squeezed lemons, set into sweet pate sucre tart shells.

Fresh Fruit Tart – Smooth vanilla pastry cream in a sweet tart shell with mounds of fresh seasonal fruit

Vanilla Bean Mille Feuille Layers of house made caramelized puff pastry and vanilla bean mousseline with a top layer of sweet fondant icing glaze.

Cashew Caramel Cheesecake – Vanilla bean cheesecake topped with creamy caramel sauce and toasted salted cashews.

Seasonal Fruit Cheesecake – Vanilla bean cheesecake topped with a seasonal fruit compote.



Parisian macarons are a sandwich cookie that is made from a base of egg whites, sugar, and ground almonds, and can be filled with a dizzying array of flavored ganaches, buttercreams and jams.  Their name is derived from the Italian words macarone, maccarone, or maccherone, for the meringue.  Macaroons are often mistaken for macarons, as the word “Macaron” is French for “Macaroon”, one is made with coconut instead of almonds, and there is a different, more complex method to making these specific cookies, so many have adopted the french pronunciation to distinguish between the two!

Every month we change up our macaron showcase to take advantage of seasonal changing flavors and colors or what inspires us!